Peter Steller


'Wild Forms'

 September 1 - 16

Urban Paradise Gallery

52 Annerley Rd, Woolloongabba, Brisbane

'The Hunter'      Wood:  Moreton Bay Fig

'The Hunter' 

Wood: Moreton Bay Fig


Wild Forms exhibition 

The exhibition will feature many of my latest creations where I turn salvaged timber into Art, constantly testing my abilities as I push the boundaries of what I can do with wood. This latest exhibition will also display sculptures where I have gone in a new direction, such as using laminated wood, bent into graceful forms, or used coloured dyes to highlight the unique figuring in jacaranda, one of my favourite timbers to work with.

My Exhibition 'Wild Forms'  will be held with fellow  sculptor and friend Mela Cooke, whose work has recently been exhibited in London, Brussels and Hong Kong. 

The Exhibition will be in conjunction with the exhibition, 'Living Legends' by Laura Smith , a portrait artist., whose portraits incorporate many of our most beloved Queensland living legends who have all personally sat for the artist.